11th May 2016

Join the revolution in HD CCTV

Hik Vision HD CCTV cameras

Upgrade your current CCTV System to HD and see the difference immediately.

You can now upgrade your Analog CCTV System to HD without having to replace the cable. (subject to site survey)

You can now have HD CCTV installed at Analog prices.

At Installed Security we can design a system that works for you giving you clear HD images, our HD systems are installed in Homes and Business across London and the South East.

We are finding that the benefit to installing CCTV are increasing as the technology improves and the cameras become more discrete.

  • Increased Deterrent

  • Police Conviction

  • Safe Working Environment

  • Neighbourly Disputes

  • Staff Protection

  • Reduced Fear of Crime

  • Remote Monitoring


We can connect your CCTV to your broadband router so you can view the cameras via a smart phone/tablet app or web browser.

The app allows you to Live View the cameras and Playback so you don’t miss a thing.

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HD CCTV straight to your phone